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What is Mobility, and how can Zebra help?

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Designed to deliver on-the-go productivity and real-time insights into business-critical information, Zebra's versatile line of mobile computers, tablets, scanners, and printers range from rugged industrial-class devices to enterprise digital assistants and shopping systems. Your customers can track inventory more efficiently and accurately, manage assembly-line production more effectively, improve shipment accuracy, and speed product returns—even in harsh environments. Prepare for the unexpected—like dropping your tech in those harsh environments—by adding service protection to every sale. Zebra also has versatile accessories and supplies that will help customize mobile devices for optimal efficiency and convenience, while also enhancing your margin opportunity.

Mobile Computers
Mobile Printers



Ensuring the right patient receives the right care at the right time is critical. When you connect patient data, clinicians, and providers in real time, the care team is able to provide a higher level of patient care. Zebra equips providers with technology solutions purposely designed for the healthcare environment, so they can deliver their best at the point of care. Zebra is at the forefront of providing those on the front lines of care with a performance edge.




Zebra provides solutions that ensure the safe and efficient transportation of people, parcels, and cargo, by air, sea, ground, and rail. Zebra offers data collection, mobile computing, mobile printing, and RFID technologies to support public and private transportation systems, rail operators, airports, and airlines worldwide. Logistics, freight, parcel, and postal organizations also rely on Zebra technology to print and sort labels and track deliveries, 365/24/7.




Zebra helps your warehouse and manufacturing customers create new efficiencies in their organizations—by driving labor and material costs down while increasing asset utilization for greater profitability. Zebra solutions focus on driving lean initiatives throughout the manufacturing supply chain—within the warehouse, on the plant floor, and then during delivery outside of the four walls.




Retailers need to create a data-powered environment in real time. They require access to customer information at their side, and can use it to differentiate their business. You can help your retail customers know every aspect of their assets. Better data means better understanding for better decisions. Take advantage of Zebra's end-to-end retail technology solutions to create "wow" moments for retailers and their customers.

Future-ready technologies that modernize the workplace and streamline processes

In the spring of 2019, AT&T formally announced that its 3G network would go dark by February 2022. Further, AT&T is no longer accepting new activations on non-LTE devices.

The safest and smartest decision a warehouse, healthcare system, or retail store can make is to future-proof its operations by modernizing its mobile technology. And, by upgrading to 5G-capable technologies, operations can avoid getting left behind the competition by harnessing increased coverage, more reliability, 10x the data speeds of 3G, less latency, simultaneous voice and data, and better voice quality.

Benefits of Migrating

  • Greater coverage
  • Increased reliability
  • 10x the data speeds of 3G
  • Shortened latency times
  • Simultaneous voice + data
  • Noticeably better voice quality on VoLTE than 3G
  • Continuation of service via a SIM card
  • Work-boosting modern devices

Mobility DNA

You buy hardware. Then what? You still need to integrate it, manage it, and make sure it benefits employees. Zebra solves these challenges by embedding Mobility DNA—intelligent software, applications, and utilities—inside its Android-powered hardware.

What does that mean for you? Productivity becomes unparalleled, device management becomes surprisingly simple, and apps integrate faster than ever. And then there’s security. Unlike consumer-grade devices that stop security support after three years, LifeGuard™ for Android extends the life of your Zebra mobile devices up to 10 years with regular security patches and OS updates throughout the life of the devices.

Improved productivity, speed, and inventory accuracy

With a Zebra scanner in hand, workers can capture the data that matters most—as fast and as accurately as possible. Whether your customers need barcode scanning at their retail POS, at the patient bedside, on the manufacturing production line, or in the aisles of their warehouse, Zebra has a scanner that's right for their environment and application. Scanner options include:

1D to 2D scanning

  • 1D = basic scanning needs
  • 2D = more challenging scanning needs


With Zebra RFID solutions, customers will automatically know the location of business-critical items—whether they’re tracking merchandise in their stores, medication in their hospitals, or goods flowing in and out of their warehouses. Made for your customers' environments, applications, and conditions, Zebra RFID solutions are designed to make them more effective.


Using a continuous barcode that’s invisible to the natural eye, this solution allows users to quickly scan anywhere on a package without having to find and position the traditional barcode toward the reader—resulting in cost savings for retailers and better experiences for store associates and their customers.

In addition to having the right scanner, Zebra can provide your customers with the most up-to-date software technologies that will save time managing devices through facilities and minimizing battery-related shift interruptions. Examples include:


Part of the management tool portfolio making it as easy as 1-2-3- to program and start scanning with Zebra’s newer line of scanners

DataCapture DNA

Software, applications, and utilities included in Zebra scanners that deliver a new level of innovation and manageability

Premium mobile label and receipt printers for maximum productivity, ease of use, and manageability

The newest line of mobile printers delivers all the features needed to maximize associate productivity and customer service. Store associates can print everything from shelf labels to item tags, markdown labels, and sales receipts—right on the spot.

  • Transforming printers from the inside—Powered by Link-OS, Zebra’s robust printer-operating system, and Print DNA, a combination of productivity, management, development, and visibility tools, Zebra printers deliver a superior printing experience.
  • Guaranteed secure printing—Newer printers ensure the fastest, most dependable wireless connections inside the four walls. With support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi and its latest security protocols, plus Bluetooth 4.1 Classic, workers can count on fast and secure connections.

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