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Positive Patient ID

The consistent and accurate identification of patients has long presented a challenge for healthcare organizations across the globe. Why? This is because the process of patient identification remains largely manual, and it persists across the entire patient journey. As such, it is highly prone to errors and can lead to serious patient harm. Automated patient identification systems are essential to correcting this long-standing problem, improving the health and well-being of patients and protecting the integrity of the healthcare system. Highest priority in patient safety goals = Patient identification accuracy

Positive Patient Identification
From admission to discharge, prevent identity mistakes and reduce medical errors with patient identity management

Specimen Collection
Identify, track, and manage all specimens to improve patient safety

Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)
Medication scanning and matching reduces human error and ensures accurate administration

Laboratory Management
Label and positively identify every sample for efficient tracking and optimized patient safety

Pharmacy Management
Connect your pharmacy to control all phases of the medication management process—from inventory to accurate dispensing and compliance


Why Choose ScanSource for your Zebra Healthcare Solutions?

At ScanSource, we invest in relationships that are meant to last. We’re eager to help sales partners discover new opportunities, edge out competitors, and close deals. More than a hardware distributor, we are a valuable solution provider on which you can rely to take your healthcare business to the next level.


Healthcare Products

Built specifically for the demands of the healthcare industry, Zebra mobile printers can print specimen labels at the point of collection. Mobile computers and barcode scanners can positively identify patients and specimen containers at the bedside, ensuring samples are accurately labeled, reducing the chance for error.

ZD510 Healthcare Desktop Printer
ZD620 Healthcare Desktop Printer
ZD420 Healthcare Desktop Printer
TC51-HC Mobile Computer
TC52x-HC Mobile Computer
ZQ610 Healthcare Mobile Computer
ZQ620 Healthcare Mobile Printer
CS4070-HC Companion Scanner
CS60-HC Companion Scanner
ZD410 Healthcare Desktop Printer
Healthcare Scanners
ZXP Series 7 Card Printer
ZXP Series 9 Card Printer
ZT230 Industrial Printer