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Intelligent Edge - Enterprise Session Border Controllers

Deploying voice communications over the internet can create quality and security issues that do not normally exist with traditional phone systems. To overcome these issues, Intelligent Edges are deployed on the customer network edge to ensure successful VoIP implementations. VoIP service providers deploy an Intelligent Edge in the form of an enterprise session border controller (eSBC) to improve voice quality and visibility into the customer environment, supporting both SIP trunking and hosted unified communications. Ribbon Communications’ EdgeMarc 2900e and 2900a Power over Ethernet (PoE) Intelligent Edge devices are ideally suited for hosted-PBX applications that require PoE functionality to power IP endpoints. This solution enables service providers to easily support locations with less than 12 phones on a single device (larger implementations can utilize external PoE switches). EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges scale according to user demands, allowing service providers to deliver high-quality VoIP solutions to customers of all sizes and network configurations.

Key Benefits
• 12 fully managed PoE ports
• Combined deployment of EdgeView Service Control Center and EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge greatly reduces operational expenses and increases customer satisfaction
• Supports data rates up to 1 Gb/s and 300 concurrent calls
• Cloud2Edge-Complete-capable