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Take Charge with the Gryphon™ 4500

There are plenty of scanners on the market—so why do your customers need a new one?

Because many scanners come with frustrations. They have a short battery life, or they take too long to charge, or they’re good only for specific situations. The Gryphon™ 4500 is a high-performance scanner that’s elegant enough for the boutique, durable enough for the warehouse, innovative enough for the hospital, and scans for days without needing a charge. If you value your customer’s productivity as much as your own, our scanner can help you prove it.

Nonstop performance to maximize productivity

To stay competitive, your customers need to get the job done quickly. The cordless Gryphon™ 4500 features up to 80,000-reads per charge for up to 80 hours of continuous operation—that’s more than three days without needing to charge. And when it does take a break, the innovative, Qi contactless charging system means it charges safely.

icon-investment protect your customer’s investment

Maximized uptime: Qi-certified wireless charging eliminates contacts—which are the number one cause of hardware failure for enterprise devices. This reduces maintenance and cleaning and significantly improves uptime—which means it helps save you money and precious time.

The Gryphon™ 4500 comes with drop-proof rating and—as a cordless scanner—minimal corrosion potential, promising a long, productive life with few maintenance needs. Between its high uptime and rugged body, the total cost of ownership for this scanner is remarkably low.

Ruggedness: IP52; 1.8 m/6-ft drop

Customized for industry-spanning versatility
Almost every market makes use of barcode scanning these days. From point-of-sale to hospital pharmacy, the Gryphon™ 4500 can be optimized to meet a wide variety of specific needs. Whether your customers work in retail, healthcare, or anything in between, this scanner could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Take charge with a powerful illustration.

ScanSource has developed tools to make it easy to show your customer why the Gryphon™ 4500 is an outstanding choice.

Use these infographics to illustrate the Gryphon™ 4500’s strong points.

See This Attention-Grabbing Scanner at Work.

Draw on our resource library for materials to put in your customers’ hands.


Our Partner Marketing is here to help you.

In addition to the infographics, we have a two-part marketing collateral package you can adapt to your business needs.

Custom email template: Reach your customers with our template. Simply add your logo or we can add* it for you (*fees may apply).
Website copy: We can provide website copy about the Gryphon™ so you can reach your customers with clear, consistent messaging.

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