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ScanSource is excited to highlight yet another fabulous episode of the Break I.T. Down Podcast, the go-to tech podcast for non-tech and tech listeners alike! In Episode 16, Break I.T. Down dives into a short-and-sweet, 23-minute discussion around all things Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Hosts Kyle DeWitt, Ian Thompson, and Phillip Heaton walk listeners through a characteristically engaging and fun run down of what SASE provides and how ScanSource can assist partners in implementing this new cybersecurity technology.

If you’re unfamiliar with SASE, here are the basics: SASE mixes networking and security in the cloud, providing secure access to applications anywhere users are working. One of the most exciting cybersecurity “buzz” terms of 2021, SASE is uniquely qualified to address today’s business needs, with core functions including Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), firewall-as-a-service, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and other security functions – giving an integrated, cloud-based service where there once were multiple solutions operating in a silo.

Now that you know what SASE is, you might ask “Why?” And the answer can be found in the digital transformation of businesses that was already underway pre-COVID. While remote work wasn’t invented in 2020, last year provided a major shift that drastically accelerated the change already happening. Now as the user becomes the new “hub” of activity and data centers take a backseat in terms of resources and applications, SASE provides secure access to those applications regardless of where employees are seated.

“Now is the time for employers to use SASE as a way to take advantage of a larger pool of talent without sacrificing security or agility,” says DeWitt. “SASE mitigates risk and maximizes performance, making it more and more relevant for today’s workforce and culture.” And with 82 percent of Gartner-surveyed respondents permitting remote work on an in-demand hybrid schedule basis, organizations can feel the real-world impact of needing to implement secure access to data, internet and applications for all employees – while maintaining visibility and performance across the network. 

SASE provides unique value not just for enterprise customers, but a variety of clients. With security concerns around Cloud applications, DeWitt and Thompson say, SASE addresses many of these worries through one “pane of glass,” offering a cocktail of vital technologies like CASB, Secure Web Gateway and many more.

“SASE consolidates everything today’s businesses need into a single solution,” says Thompson. “At the same time, SASE makes it easier to manage and utilize that solution.”

As always, ScanSource is here to support all your network needs. To learn more about SASE and how ScanSource can help you implement SASE with your valuable customers, contact us today.