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Axis Communications and ScanSource present Diversify

Axis Communications doesn’t follow the market—we're a market leader. We’ve stayed at the forefront of the network video industry by constantly challenging the status quo, and we didn’t stop there. With innovations in audio solutions, access control, intelligent analytics, and beyond, we’ve diversified our portfolio of solutions to better meet the needs of your customers—and to simplify the process for you along the way. Join ScanSource and Axis on a journey of diversification, and open up a new world of opportunity.

Axis end-to-end solutions

Total solutions from a single provider

Secure and improve your business with an end-to-end Axis solution. Bring it all together with an intuitive network video-recording solution powered by video-management software built for active security. Whether your customers need a smart system for basic surveillance, or a more advanced system for security on a larger scale, Axis has you covered. 

The Axis partner network

Specialized solutions - endless possibilities

Offer your customers advanced security and surveillance solutions based on Axis’ open IP products. Combine them with technologies from the wide range of Axis partners to create a specialized solution that meets your customers’ needs. With the Axis partner network, the possibilities truly are endless.

Opportunities with Axis solutions

Network video solutions
Surveillance for every need

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it. Our cameras provide excellent HDTV image quality, regardless of lighting conditions and the size and characteristics of the monitored areas. And they do it while minimizing your customer’s bandwidth and storage needs.
Network audio solutions
Made smart and easy

Enhance your customers’ security systems by delivering live or recorded messages to stop unwanted activities before they occur, or provide zone-specific music or announcements with easy-to-install network audio devices.
Intelligent video analytics
For security & business operations

Axis video analytic applications enable proactive surveillance, helping deter and detect crime. Beyond security, Axis offers a range of applications dedicated to improving business operations.
2N, an Axis company
#1 in IP intercoms

Offer your customers all-in-one units featuring access control, audio-visual, and two-way communication. An open platform offers countless possibilities to integrate IP intercoms with SIP, VAPIX, and ONVIF.

A little more on Axis

Not sure where to get started? Consider this a warm welcome to your endless potential. Axis and ScanSource are here with the tools and resources that enable you to confidently delivery quality solutions to your customers. Learn how easy Axis solutions make it to expand into new areas of business, creating more opportunity for you and better solutions for your customers. Navigate through the resources below to get started, or join us for one of the upcoming trainings designed to help you branch out into new opportunities.

Who We Are
Learn more about Axis—from where we started, to solutions we offer, to markets to which we cater, and more.
Products and Solutions
See our full product and solutions offering, with specs to easily find the right product.
Network Audio Solutions
Network audio never has been easier. Learn about the benefits, like simple installation.
End to End Solutions
Learn more about total solutions centered on AXIS Camera Station recorders and software.
Network Video Solutions
Learn about the benefits network video solutions can offer both you and your customers.
2N, an Axis company
Open the door to new opportunities with intercoms and access control solutions from 2N, an Axis company.
Axis Channel Partner Program
See the benefits of joining a global partner network dedicated to providing quality solutions and services.
Solutions by Industry
The possibilities are endless with Axis solutions. See how Axis fits into any market—including retail, education, healthcare, and beyond.