The Custom Configuration team can help you build total solutions easily and to your expectations. But the most important benefit of partnering with us - the Custom Configuration team saves you time and money.

Our Custom Configuration team can assemble total communication systems for you. The complete solution is ready to ship to you, or even to be drop shipped directly to your customer.

Complete the Quote Request Form to get started with:

  • Set IP addresses in network cameras (based on customer specifications)
  • Label cameras with IP address
  • Label camera boxes with IP & MAC addresses
  • Custom reporting that includes IP, MAC addresses, and serial numbers for each camera
  • Cameras set up in enclosures with lenses and other accessories
  • Server hardware and software integration and configuration including multi-cabinet, RAID controller, memory, hard drive, modem, NIC, processor, multimedia card, power supply and hot swap hard drive installation
  • Third-party software installation and configuration
  • The ability for customers to supply SI with customer-owned product and integrate with ScanSource-purchased product
  • Custom image management for customer-supplied and/or ScanSource-generated images
  • Custom network solutions for customers that need to remotely access and configure product prior to being shipped
  • Pre-bundled and pre-built custom hardware/software solutions that are inventoried and do not require the 2-3 day SI lead time 
  • Full hardware functionality and diagnostic testing