Simply Better Connections with Ruckus Networks

The Business

Ruckus delivers simply better connections. It's in our DNA. And that means the world’s leading enterprises and organizations can deliver awesome customer experiences to their end users.

We were founded June 2004, delivered our first product in September 2005, and hit one-million shipments by January 2007. We quickly became known as a wireless technology innovator, and grew across enterprise and carrier markets. We delivered the industry's first adaptive antenna technology to overcome RF interference on Wi-Fi networksfollowed by industry-first 802.11n and 802.11ac products, certificate-based security,and location-based software. In other words, we invented some awesome technology. In November 2012, we went public, and in 2016 we became part of Brocade.

Today, Ruckus offers a complete line of high-performance access network infrastructure, including Wi-Fi controllers and access points, wired ethernet switching, and OpenG in-building cellular and small cell, combined with network security, analytics and management software, and professional services and support.

Our commitment to technology innovation is one of the bedrock values of the company. And today, we innovate across both wireless and wired technologies, to meet the needs of enterprises and organizations of all stripes and sizes. With our OpenG technology, we are pioneering an ecosystem that will enable organizations to self-deploy LTE coverage in the same way they deploy Wi-Fi today. Our deep history of technical innovation means outstanding, dependable connections for our customers. Everywhere, all the time.

Our partner ecosystem ensures our products are readily available, whether for a small, local project or one of the world's largest.

And our unwavering focus on our customers means everything from flexibility and options, to ease of install and management, to award-winning customer support. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and delivering value.

That's really what Ruckus is all about. High-performance, secure, reliable access to applications and services
no matter how tough the environment. When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Ruckus.

The Market

Ruckus Networks competes in three distinct markets:

  • Wireless broadband access
  • Enterprise wireless LANs
  • Mobile operator infrastructure

The explosion of Wi-Fi-enabled devices and multimedia services driving these multi-billion dollar markets has raised expectations for ubiquitous and reliable Wi-Fi access. Ruckus Networks is positioned to exploit and capitalize on these markets, with unique and patented technology that brings new levels of reliability, range, and performance to Wi-Fi infrastructures.

The Problem

Originally, Wi-Fi was developed as a technology of convenience, not to provide reliable, carrier-class connectivity. It’s ill-equipped to offer consistent performance at the range needed, in the new era of streaming multimedia traffic. Signal interference and constant changes to the RF environment make it difficult to troubleshoot Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, limited capabilities in managing a unified, end-to-end, wireless broadband infrastructure have forced operators to piece together complex networks with disparate products. Inadequate range, spotty coverage, and erratic behavior create an environment of inconsistent connectivity—one of the fundamental issues of wireless deployments.

The Solution

For the first time, range and reliability are available in unlicensed W-iFi environments, thanks to Ruckus Networks’ Smart Wi-Fi technology. This patented technology steers signals around interference and obstructions, ensuring exceptional coverage and performance.

Through a series of RF technology breakthroughs, Ruckus Networks developed and patented miniaturized, software-controlled, intelligent antenna arrays and adaptive antenna technology. Now, Wi-Fi signals can be formed, focused, and directed in real time, over the best-performing signal paths. Ruckus Networks integrates Smart Wi-Fi technology into every system, ensuring extended range and reliable signals that automatically adapt to environmental changes.

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