Not just faster. Smarter.

Purpose-built for 802.11ac Wireless LANs
Aruba enterprise WLANs operate at gigabit speeds and connect more devices and apps in the most crowded places. And our 802.11ac APs feature a unique hardware and software design that improves the mobility experience of all users – even those with 802.11n devices.

Easily deployed over any wired network, Aruba wireless LANs give more WiFi capacity to devices that are far away. They also support patented ClientMatch technology to eliminate sticky clients, and AppRF technology which features an integrated mobility firewall that prioritizes the handling of over 1,500 apps including cloud and unified communication apps.

Another unique aspect of Aruba enterprise WLANs is their use of contextual data – user identity, device type, application usage, location, and time-of-day. Aruba captures and correlates this contextual information in real-time to optimize the WiFi performance and ensure policy compliance.

Controller-managed and Controllerless
Aruba APs support a choice of operating modes to meet your unique requirements. Controller-managed APs take advantage of centralized network and mobility services, while controllerless Aruba Instant APs distribute services across multiple APs. Learn about our centralized AIRWAVE or cloud-based ARUBA CENTRAL management solutions below.

No Sticky Clients
Patented ClientMatch technology from Aruba eliminates sticky client problems by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices and uses this information to intelligently steer each one to the best AP with the best radio – even while users are roaming across the WLAN infrastructure.

Faster WiFi for Lots of Devices
The all-wireless workplace requires WiFi that’s faster and more reliable than wired. Aruba 802.11ac wireless LANs features purpose-built hardware, an optimized antenna design, dual-core processors with both cores active, and technologies like explicit beamforming to maximize the performance of all devices.

App Intelligence
Delivering reliable multimedia and real-time unified communication apps like Microsoft Lync gets tougher as more devices connect. Leveraging AppRF technology, Aruba’s next-generation mobility firewall offers deep application-insight and quality-of-service so important apps always get the royal treatment.

Boost your network’s IQ
The ArubaOS™ Next-Generation Mobility Firewall boosts your network’s IQ by offering total visibility and control over every user’s app experience and unmatched security to enforce mobile use policies. It even utilizes a stateful firewall to separate guest traffic and employee traffic on the same network.

No-hassle Printing and Projecting
Aruba enterprise WLANs enable new ways of working and learning that are mobile device-friendly. For example, Aruba AirGroup technology makes it incredibly easy for mobile devices to wirelessly print and share media that leverages UPnP, DLNA, AirPrint and AirPlay technology while ensuring quality-of-service.