They’re more than tech support ... They’re Solution Consultants!

We’ve always been committed to having the most experienced, skilled technical support teams in the Channel. And in today’s market of highly-customized deals and specialized knowledge, we’ve continued to build on that reputation by expanding our team of resident experts. These are exactly the kind of problem-solving, business-building, troubleshooting gurus that you expect to find at ScanSource POS and Barcode!  These are our Solution Consultants.

You want to get more value out of every deal? Our Solution Consultants help you by creating complete solutions. Maybe you sell mobile data terminals and need the right wireless infrastructure to close the deal. Or you’ve got the right scanners but need help nailing down the mobile printer that’s right for your customer.  Even if you’ve got all the right hardware but need help identifying the software and adding critical services, this is the team that can do it.

Each of our Solution Consultants have specific vertical markets they own, providing in-depth focus and specialized knowledge on everything from healthcare, mobile point-of-sale and payment processing to mobile managed services, wireless infrastructure and field service. Plus, as tenured, technical employees, our Solution Consultants hold specific certifications and have received training in the most critical areas of the POS and barcode industry. They will work closely with you to create a comprehensive solution (hardware, software and services) and wrap that around your end-user customer’s needs.

When you need solutions tailored to fit your specific customers, you need our Solution Consultants.

Find out how they can help you close more deals by calling your ScanSource POS and Barcode sales rep at 800.944.2439 ext. 4001 today!