Self-Service Kiosks Improve Customer Service & Minimize Lines.

Self-service terminals and retail kiosks have revamped the traditional point-of-sale transaction process. Compact designs reduce device footprint while rugged infrastructures allow for rigorous, everyday use in grocery stores and other retail applications. “Retail hardened” kiosk models feature retail-focused engineering advancements, surpassing several industry and federal government reliability standards, lowering TCO and protecting your customers' investment. Find self-service kiosks and POS terminals that have undergone radiated immunity and emissions testing for ensured defense against harmful radio signals and zero interference with other electronics. Our industry-leading inventory of IP rated self-service kiosks and terminals can withstand exposure to liquids, dust, moisture and extreme temperatures, for reliable self-checkout capabilities, improving transaction efficiency and boosting customer independence and satisfaction.
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  • Zivelo Self Service Kiosk

    Zivelo Self Service Kiosk

    NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout

    Today's customers are more time-starved and demanding than ever. They expect you to make shopping fast, easy, and convenient for them.

    Toshiba Self Checkout System

    Meet the award-winning1 Toshiba Self Checkout System 6. This innovative self checkout system is designed based on human factors research to create a fast, easy, and intuitive experience for shoppers,