Streamline Check-Out with Card Payment Terminals

Increase customer satisfaction with a faster check-out experience. As experts in point-of-sale solutions, ScanSource POS and Barcode carries top credit and debit card payment terminals selected by our own point-of-sale technology experts.

Our vendor partners' card payment terminals are perfect for grocery and other retail POS applications. Customers can easily operate the large keypad and swipe their own payment card. These payment terminals are built to last in high-impact retail environments, featuring scratch-resistant screens and laser-etched keypads. 

Easily customize and brand customer check-out experiences by programming the payment terminal with graphics and custom prompts.

Secure Payment Terminal Data Capture

For a more secure experience, our selection includes card payment terminals with built-in signature capture devices and stylus pens for a quick and easy “sign and pay” solution. Models with hooded keypads provide secure card PIN entry for customers.

Mobile Payment Terminals

Mobile POS payment terminals expand secure credit card transaction capabilities. Easily attached to smart devices via an audio input, these iOS and Android OS compatible mobile POS terminals are ideal for customer-facing retail applications where checkout efficiency is essential. Full end-to-end cr ...... Learn more »

PIN Pads

POS PIN Pads deliver fast, easy and most importantly secure customer transactions. Perfect for retail, banking and self-service POS applications, these PIN pads offer DES and TDES encryption algorithm technologies that protect sensitive information. Manufactured by industry-leading companies, our c ...... Learn more »