Your Mobile Strategy is at a Crossroads. Which Path is Right for You?

A major change is coming. Microsoft recently announced that support for the legacy embedded OS (Windows Mobile and Windows CE) will reach end of service in 2020. Enterprises that leverage this OS in the field today will need to rebuild their application(s), regardless of the future direction they choose – Windows Embedded 8.1 or Windows 10, Android, or iOS. That means, for many, the process of moving to a new OS is starting now. But the good news is that we can help you be prepared to make decisions that will ensure a smooth transition in the most cost-efficient manner. Contact your ScanSource Zebra sales rep to discuss the best options for your customers to stay ahead of the game. View our additional resources on the OS Migration below or see Zebra’s website for more information.

OS Migration Brag Mag

Zebra is focused on supporting customers and channel partners through this transition. We invite you to download our information-packed magazine that will offer a deeper understanding of the process, and what you can do to navigate through it as smoothly as possible. Once you've read through it, gi ...... Learn more »