Meet the Team with the Answerz!

The ScanSource Zebra Team provides full support to all of our Zebra partners across the entire product portfolio. From printers, to scanners, to mobile computing, to supplies, we have the Answerz. The twenty-three team members are dedicated to our partners. We are ready to help you create complete solutions and roll out successful projects. We have the inventory, expertise, and focus you need to grow your POS and barcode business—and be more profitable while doing so. 

  • Kim Hammond, Buyer - Printing

  • Kevin Jones, Operations Analyst - Big Deal Tracking, Rebate, Reporting

  • Anna Mateva, Buyer - EVM Service

  • Bernadette Richardson, Buyer - AIT Service

  • Callie Scott, Buyer - MCD

  • Reid Vierling, Buyer - EVM Service

  • Lisa Sternberg, Buyer - EVM Service

Business Development

  • Eddie Devcic, Business Development, Eastern Canada and Northeast (Cold Storage and Utilities)

  • Bob Kroske, Business Development, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic (Retail and Hospitality)

  • Joe Munson, Business Development, Tola and Deep South

  • Peter Pleas, Business Development Manager, West

  • Rich Russert, Business Development, Central (Manufacturing)


  • Jeremy Sudduth, Team Leader, Asset and Service - Inventory, Supply Chain, BPR, Expedites, Service

  • Stephanie Mays, Director of Merchandising

Asset, Service, Operations

  • Kiana Berdugo, Buyer - Operations

  • Pamela Blackwell - Demo, Seed Kits

  • Nathan Blankenship, Buyer - DCS

  • Donna Diaz - Pricing

  • Michael Dubowski, Partner Program - Claims, Pricing

Marketing, Product Champion

  • Jessey Appel, Marketing - MCD, Reseller Incentives, Reseller Events, BD Roadshows, ScanSource Packages

  • Kristen Baker, Marketing - DCS, AIT, Sales Trainings, ScanSource Packages

  • Lindsay Draus, Product Champion - Services, Supplies, Sales Incentives, Non-Premier