Engage Customers with Zebra Retail Solutions

Customer engagement is crucial for customer retention and loyalty. With Zebra Technologies Customer Engagement Solutions your customers can build relationships, create memorable experiences, and connect with shoppers. The Zebra Customer Engagement Solution arms retail workers with enterprise-class handheld computers, providing real-time access to product information and inventory status, and the ability to take payment on the floor. Retailers can leverage interactive kiosks and guest WiFi to keep customers connected and happy.

Zebra's Customer Engagement Solution will allow your customers to:
  • Increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • Engage shoppers by personalizing their experience
  • Drive satisfaction by empowering managers, associates and self-service kiosks to provide immediate assistance
  • Facilitate up-selling and cross-selling with guided sales tools

Recommended Components for Customer Engagement

Handheld Computers

The MC17 Personal Shopper allows the retailers to raise the bar of customer self-service, and improve associate productivity. With the MC17 customers have the ability to scan items while they shop and create gift lists, saving time at the checkout line. Retailers can take advantage of targeted promotions and offers based on buying preferences, and enable store associates to more efficiently manage inventory and pricing at the shelf edge.

The MC18 Mobile Computer is today's most advanced personal shopper. Consumers have access to the smartphone style they know and love, plus direct connection to the retailers information - saving them time and money. Shoppers can scan items as they shop to receive discount coupons for complementary items and keep a running tally for a fast checkout.

Productivity and reliability are redefined with the MC3200 Mobile Computer. The MC3200 is available with either Android Jelly Bean or Microsoft Embedded Compact 7. It offers the choice of 1D laser or 1D/2D imager scan engine which allows retail associates to easily capture barcodes in any condition.

The MC40 Touch Computer empowers associates to deliver service that will impress today's technology savvy customers. The MC40 boasts a cool, sleek design that rivals most consumer-style products on the outside, but is pure business on the inside featuring enterprise-class durability, security and a comprehensive set of features including advanced barcode scanning, push-to-talk, and an integrated magnetic stripe reader.

Mobile Printers

Zebra's mobile printers boost employee productivity and accuracy with wireless connectivity for on-site and on-demand needs.

The QLn Series Mobile Printers enables retail associates to quickly and easily print barcode labels, receipts, tickets and more. The QLn Series is available in 2", 3" or 4" widths and features the latest technology including:

  • Link-OS environment-enabled making them easy to integrate, manage and maintain from a PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • "Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” certified and also support Android and Windows devices via Multi-platform SDK apps.

Zebra's ZQ110 mobile printer is compact, lightweight and prints 2-inch receipts at speeds up to 3.5 inches-per-second. It is the mobile printer of choice for the price-conscious buyer with employees on the move. It is perfect for queue-busting, hospitality, on-demand receipts for store pre-sales and more.

The iMZ Series mobile printers are perfect for light-duty-cycle receipt printing applications. They are compact and sleek and compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems to use with the latest smartphone and tablet devices.

Interactive Kiosks

  • The MK3100 Micro Kiosk takes self-service to a new level with its interactive options such as price and inventory check to how-to product videos, product catalogs which allow shoppers, guests and travelers to get information quickly and easily.
  • Create an electronic customer concierge experience which caters to each individual customer with the CC5000 Customer Concierge. The CC5000 will allow customers to look up information, make purchases, receive special offers, and instantly connect to the right person via voice or video to answer any question.
  • The MK4000 Micro Kiosk combines Zebra's superior barcode scanning technology, a large 12.1 inch SVGA touchscreen, high-speed processor and robust memory architecture to enable delivery of a wide range of information and services across industries.
  • MK500 Micro Kiosk enables improved customer service and excellent customer experience. It is compact, easy to install and affordable and allows retailers to put the power of self-service in every aisle. Customers can check price and inventory, check the balance of a gift card, look up loyalty point information and call for assistance.
Ensure high-quality, crisp images, and text and receipts that remain readable and intact for their entire life, by choosing genuine Zebra Supplies.