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Zebra Technologies Desktop Printers, Barcode Printers, & More

On-demand information and collaboration requires the speed and accuracy of high-performance printing solutions. Perfect for industries ranging from manufacturing and warehousing to healthcare, retail, and transportation, the extensive line of printers by Zebra Technologies has models that are durable and precise to keep businesses moving, and ensure customers are satisfied.

Zebra's desktop, industrial, mobile, kiosk, RFID, and card printers can be used in a variety of settings to satisfy diverse business needs. Zebra printers give a wide range of businesses an edge in today’s increasingly mobile world, with instant label printing capabilities, document management assistance so the right employees have access to pertinent data, and receipt procurement to make sales processes faster for customers.

Zebra Printer Functions and Features

From the office, to the store, to the warehouse, Zebra printers can be used anywhere business processes need to be improved. Here are some details about the types of printers offered by Zebra Technologies, examples of how they are used, and how they improve business efficiency.

Desktop Printers

High-performance desktop printers blend fast speed, dependable accuracy, easy usage, low IT requirements, and network manageability. These printers can be used to print everything from nameplates and product labels, to wristbands, receipts, and retail inventory. With a simplified user interface, printing what you need is quick and hassle-free, so printing can seamlessly continue. Other printers are bulky, break down often, require IT support to fix them, and print inaccurate assets. Zebra’s wide range of desktop printers integrates unique features so the right models can be used for the right situations.

Industrial Printers

Rugged and durable to withstand busy and demanding conditions, Zebra's industrial printers are used by businesses in transportation, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors that need instant printing with incredible speed and accuracy. Zebra industrial printers can be used in situations that require labeling, tagging, asset and inventory management, shipping and receiving, quality control, compliance labeling, and much more.

Examples of the benefits Zebra industrial printers provide range from making sure thousands of orders are shipped to the right locations on time, to ensuring lab samples are properly labeled. Not having an accurate and dependable printer can mean everything from diminished safety of healthcare patients, to the loss of millions of dollars in inventory because of inaccurate transportation information.

Card Printers

From staff identification cards to business cards to customer loyalty cards, Zebra card printers put the power of marketing and staff support in the hands of the business with high-quality card printing capabilities. Zebra card printers print directly to plastic cards and feature security and encoding options so businesses can use them exactly how they need them.

Instead of having to rely on a third-party source to quickly print business cards for an upcoming trade show or get a new employee a working badge, Zebra card printers allow everything to happen in-house, which saves time and money. The creative assets appear perfectly on the cards, instead of requiring revisions from a third party, and new assets are instantly creatable the moment a business needs them.

Mobile Printers

Zebra mobile printers allow for more speed and efficiency within a business, since employees can carry an elegant, ergonomic, and easy-to-use printer with them wherever they go and use it in an instant to get the job done or help a customer or patient. Zebra mobile printers can print tickets, receipts, barcodes, labels, and more. A salesperson can conduct a transaction right in the aisle of a store, improving customer satisfaction.

Use Zebra printers to label items on the spot, ensuring information is correct. Items can be labeled in the moment, improving accuracy. Forcing employees to move to a plugged-in printer wastes time and energy. Mobile printers are easily movable and adaptable for a wide variety of locations and scenarios.

RFID Printers

Radio-frequency identification printers from Zebra print tags ranging from item-level hang tags to case and pallet labels. Ideal for manufacturing, retail, warehouse management, healthcare, and transportation industries, Zebra RFID printers provide unparalleled precision in industries that require data accuracy.

Easy to use and built for rugged environments, Zebra's RFID printers improve business processes by coordinating data points through labeling. Having to manually track items increases the chance of errors, as well as wasting time and resources. RFID printers by Zebra allow professionals to better manage high-volume inventory and distribution.

Kiosk Printers

Ideal for any industry where on-demand printing is necessary, Zebra kiosk printers are speedy, reliable, and easy to use. They can be used for printing receipts and invoices, coupons and vouchers, human resources forms, and more. Kiosk printers don't just allow you to do business more quickly in the office. They put power into customers' hands, which saves time and money for your business while creating a positive experience. A busy airport can use Zebra kiosks to allow customers to print their own boarding passes and luggage tags and be on their way. Shoppers in a retail store can print out a gift registry they just created.

Zebra Technologies is a pioneer in wireless printing, which allows printing to occur where cabling causes problems or is impossible to set up. Using Bluetooth connectivity, all the same printing capabilities a regular printer has are powered into a wireless device, allowing professionals to print on-the-go and in the locations that make the most sense for the business and customers.

Zebra's regular printers provide employees with a centralized location to conduct printing tasks, and the regular cabled printers have robust capabilities that allow for large-scale jobs that require more paper and ink than a smaller device can provide. Every Zebra printer is reliable, accurate, and fast, no matter what setting it is in or what it is used for.

Sell Zebra Printers Through ScanSource Today

If you work with any type of business that has printing needs, Zebra Technologies from ScanSource can help. We work with our resellers to provide the best education and support to set them up for success.

We are passionate about helping our resellers provide targeted solutions to their clients, and we are confident in the value Zebra printers have to offer. Learn more about how to become a Zebra Technologies reseller with ScanSource, or give us a call at 800-944-2432 to get in touch.

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