Zebra TC8000 Warehouse Mobile Computer

Warehouse productivity for the businesses you work with becomes better than ever with the TC8000 by Zebra Technologies, a groundbreaking warehouse mobile computer that increases efficiency by 14 percent.

By eliminating the constant need for a tilt-and-verify motion because of integrated proximity scanning, warehouse workers can execute tasks more quickly than ever, without the need to pick up or set down the device. Easy to use, durable, reliable, and amazingly accurate, the TC8000 transforms workflow for a wide variety of businesses with warehouse needs.

At ScanSource, we help resellers of the Zebra TC8000 set their clients up for success by providing thorough education and support to determine optimal value. Zebra products provide cutting-edge technology and enhanced user experience.

How to Use the Zebra TC8000

The Zebra TC8000 is everything warehouse workers could want in a mobile computer. From its easy handling to its breakthrough data capture, the powerful TC8000 is a tool warehouses should have in their arsenals. Manufacturing, warehouse management, retail industries, and more can use the TC8000 to manage inventory, scan barcodes, examine editable documents, and streamline production processes.

Benefits of the Zebra TC8000 include:

Ergonomic design: The TC8000 is up to a third lighter than traditional models, which makes it easier to handle over longer hours and enables it to reduce muscle fatigue to improve worker sentiment. A virtual keyboard increases ease of use, allowing workers to type up to 40 percent quicker with 60 percent fewer errors compared to push-button keyboards.

Exceptional scanner angle: Since no constant tilting is needed to view the screen that now faces the user while scanning, wrist motion is reduced by 55 percent, and muscle effort is decreased by 15 percent. Work is easier, and more can get done.

Ruggedly durable for the warehouse: The TC8000 has extreme impact ratings, making it a durable choice for a challenging and busy environment. It's water-resistant and dust-resistant, can handle extreme temperatures and volatile elements, and can withstand thousands of hits and falls. Advanced battery power keeps devices working longer, while battery swapping is quick and seamless and does not require the device to be powered down.

Hands-free proximity scanning: The TC8000 allows for both up-close scanning and scanning for distances up to 1.96 feet, so that users can hold the scanner, wear it in a hip holster or on a shoulder strap, or use it mounted to a cart or desktop.

The Zebra TC8000 works with the full suite of Zebra applications, administration utilities, and development tools, so all warehouse operations can stay connected on any device, with enterprise-class security to keep devices protected. From security to device handling, the Zebra TC8000 is an all-in-one solution for your warehouse clients.

More Mobile Computing Offerings From Zebra

Besides the Zebra TC8000, Zebra Technologies offers many more mobile computing solutions to help with any aspect of business. From tablets to vehicle-mounted computers, there are options for any setting and need, and the Zebra line uses Android so devices can work together, while staying secure.

Mobile computing offerings include:

Handheld: Zebra's line of tablets, handheld terminals, ring scanners, payment devices, and more are designed to be lightweight, ergonomically pleasant to use, reliable, and durable for the most demanding industries.

Vehicle-mounted: From warehouses and ports, to manufacturing plants and airports, vehicle mount terminals from Zebra work with the vehicles your clients use to deliver efficient computing tasks, and stay strong no matter what environment they are used in. High-resolution displays make sure data that needs to be accessed is easily seen in an instant.

Accessories: Zebra batteries, cables, adapters, computer cradles, and more work with Zebra products to ensure always-on connectivity and supreme efficiency. Easy to install and use, Zebra accessories are the ideal complement to Zebra Technologies products.

Zebra is an industry leader in mobile computing because the brand combines the best in technology with user experience at front of mind. With support from the ScanSource team, you can feel confident in conveying the value of the Zebra TC8000, and other mobile computing options, to those with whom you work.

Become a Reseller of the Zebra TC8000 With ScanSource

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