Toshiba TCx™ Single-Station Printer

As customers increasingly rely on mobile devices, especially during retail transactions, paper receipts must evolve to stay relevant. Printed with coupons, rebates, extended warranties, loyalty programs, Facebook promotions, and QR codes, receipts still prove their value. They get important information into customers’ hands—enriching the buying experience, enhancing loyalty, and driving incremental revenue.

When your customers need a single-station printer, come to ScanSource and Toshiba. The Toshiba TCx™ Single-Station Printer is a compact, low-profile, high-performance option that’s an ideal choice to increase uptime.

The new TCx™ Single-Station Printer delivers features like:

    Store-hardened reliability
  • Designed to endure demanding store environments
  • Industry-leading, advanced-exchange warranty
    Best-of-breed power
  • Lowest power consumption (measured at suspend state)
  • Energy-Star certified
    Optimized performance
  • Best-in-class printing speeds (receipt at 406 mm/sec)
  • 16-level, gray-scale printing for high-quality prints
  • Industry-leading thermal print head (200M pulses or 200km print-head life)
  • Industry-leading cutter life (delivers 3M+ cuts, lifetime)
  • Enhanced paper saving
    Built-in manageability
  • Health sensors and usage statistics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Configuration utility
    Triple interface
  • Powered and standard USB
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or RS232 options

When your customers want to make the most of their printed receipts—or need to build other total solutions—it’s time to reach out to ScanSource. We’re the center of the solution-delivery channel. Partnering with us helps you and your customers build your current and future bottom lines. Contact your ScanSource sales rep today, and let’s get started.