POSShield: Professional, Affordable, and Adaptable Protection Designed for mPOS

The POSShield, which acts as a sneeze guard and limits the spread of germs, is placed in between the cashier and the customer. It's comprised of a durable steel frame and a protective plexiglass partition. Measuring 30” wide and 33” tall, the POSShield is an ideal size for SMBs with limited counter space, as each shield protects one cashier. Additional shields may be purchased to accommodate multiple cashiers. Designed for today’s businesses, the POSShield is adaptable and compatible with any existing POS or mPOS terminal.

The POSShield features a sturdy base plate with no countertop mounting or drilling required, making it easy to install and relocate. With a focus on mobility and reusability, the POSShield can easily be reinstalled for future use cases including flu seasons, changes in store setup, and more. The gap in between the sneeze guard and the countertop enables the safe passing and scanning of products, and can be adjusted to fit a cashier’s needs. Payment pin pad terminals can be mounted to the pole, if needed, and supplies are included to mount the shield to the countertop, if desired.

“We understand the needs of businesses everywhere are changing rapidly,” said Michael Hanson, Executive Vice President of Star Micronics. “The POSShield provides the professional and reasonably priced protection businesses and consumers need now, as well as the ability to be easily reused well into the future.”

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POS sneeze shield, 30”W x 34”H, 6” gap, acrylic glass (3mm), black frame, base plate included