Innovative mobile POS solutions from Star Micronics

Star Micronics presents the mPOP™, now with even more peripheral options. Star’s mPOP now supports an optional scale, 2D barcode scanner, customer display, and external cash drawer. With these added peripherals, retailers and restaurateurs can now transform their mPOP into a complete point-of-sale hub to accept more versatile transactions in higher volume.

Star Micronics has integrated support for three Detecto APS Scales. These scales are offered for varied use cases. The APS10 (max. 15 kg) is ideal for candy shops, delis, frozen yogurt shops, etc.; while the APS20 (max. 15 kg) is better for larger items like bags of fruit and vegetables at a farmer’s market or grocery store. The APS12 (max. 160 oz.) is best in similar environments as the APS10, or any other location than prefers to measure in ounces.

The mPOP combines a two-inch thermal receipt printer with "drop-in and print" paper loading and two till options. The first till option, featuring four vertical bill slots and four or six adjustable coin slots, includes a hidden space under the coin slots for extra security for high value currency. The second till option, featuring a Flat Bill four-bill slot and four or six coin-slot design, provides easy currency storage and management with the same small mPOP footprint.

Star has integrated a 2D barcode scanner for the mPOP. Now, users have the option of choosing between the Star 1D and the new 2D scanners. The 2D barcode reader will accept coupons either in the form of QR code or access-item information. In addition to 2D barcode scanner support, Star has designed a two-line customer display with up to 20 characters per line and a blue backlit customer display. With this support, the retailer can show not only the customer the price but also an advertising message.

Finally, Star added a cash drawer connection port (DK port) to the mPOP to support an extra cash drawer. This is ideal for users who need a point-of-sale system with a small footprint, but experience a higher cash flow, such as a bar or deli. 


mPOP™ features include:

  • Availability in black or white
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Available tills: four vertical bill slots and four or six adjustable coin slots, or Flat Bill with a four-bill slot and four or six adjustable coin slots
  • Bluetooth 2.1 and USB connectivity
  • "Drop-In and Print" paper loading
  • Apple MFi-certified—pairs with all Bluetooth devices including iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®

Embracing the mobility wave, Star Micronics was the first printer manufacturer to offer Android and iOS SDKs for all of its printers. The complementary SDKs allow end users to utilize Star printers in tandem with Android, Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices to generate receipts.

Always leading and always innovating, Star Micronics enables customer engagement and mPOS in retail environments with Bluetooth and web-based printing solutions, wireless cash drawer solutions, proximity-based printing, and secure cash management with the AsuraCPRNT all-in-one mini-kiosk and customer engagement device, and the AllReceipts free digital receipt solution.


Part Number










APS10, POS bench scale, USB, legal for trade in US/Canada (NTEP), 6”x10”, 30 lb x .01 lb, AC adapter included, mPOP compatible






APS12, POS bench scale, USB, legal for trade in US/Canada (NTEP), 6”x10”, 160 oz x 0.1 oz, AC adapter included, mPOP compatible






APS20, POS bench scale, USB, legal for trade in US/Canada (NTEP), 10” x 10”, 30 lb x .01 lb, AC adapter included, mPOP compatible






SCD222U, customer display, USB, black, LCD 2x20 characters, for mPOP






Customer display, USB, white, LCD 2x20 characters, mPOP Ccompatible






1D/2D imager, USB, black, cable included






1D/2D imager, USB, white, cable included