Honeywell's FIRST Battery-Free Scanner

How does it work? This first-of-its-kind scanner uses super-capacitor technology instead of a battery.

What does that mean?
The Voyager 1202g-bf scanner achieves full-charge in less than 20 seconds and provides enough wireless power to last at least 100 scans. Plus, the scanner is lighter and more ecologically friendly without the weight and hassle of having to properly dispose of a battery.

Is it easy to install? Yes. The Voyager 1202g-bf is a plug-and-play scanner that automatically configures itself to the appropriate interface upon connection.

What environment does it work in? Because the scanner charges quickly and is ergonomic and light, it is ideal for applications where occasional wireless scanning is needed; for example, as a complement to in-counter scanners in retail environments where bulky items must be scanned by hand.

Features At-a-Glance:
  • Battery-Free Wireless Technology
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Reliable Barcode Reading
  • Automatic Interface Configuration
  • Paging Functionality

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