APG Standard Duty Cash Drawers: Sturdy and Dependable

If you work with clients who need a reliable and sturdy cash-drawer transaction product, but want an option that is affordable and built to last, APG standard duty cash drawers blend elegant design with exemplary ease of use so clients can process cash transactions hassle free.

The powerful and cost-efficient APG Vasario Series is built to handle at least 1 million transaction cycles and includes all the same features that more expensive cash drawers have, like drawer status reporting and multifunction locks. If you're a reseller whose clients include those who need cash processing for settings such as coffee shops, kiosks, boutiques, food trucks, retail stores, farmers markets, and craft fairs, APG's standard duty cash drawers are products they can count on.

The ability to safely store and process cash payments is vital, especially in busy environments where revenue may be vulnerable to customers or other merchants. Businesses want solutions that are strong and durable, and they want products that are easy and fast to use so they can handle more transactions more quickly. APG delivers with standard duty cash drawers that last longer and are intuitively simple to use.


More Benefits of APG Standard Duty Cash Drawers

Lower transaction business environments typically have similar needs when it comes to their cash drawers. They want something compact and easy to handle, so they can move the cash drawers to any location they need to quickly and without stress or burden. Businesses want something secure, so the cash employees collect and have on hand stays protected even in the most hectic environments.

They want something that is lightning fast, so they can receive cash and provide change in a flash so customers are impressed with speedy service. Something that is easy to use, so that transactions maintain perfect accuracy, is crucial, to protect both the finances of the business and to enhance customer satisfaction.

No matter how many cash transactions a business handles, the ability to choose a drawer based on specific configuration needs is always a benefit. And, because every element in a physical space contributes to the overall atmosphere and the user experience, it's important to have a cash drawer that doesn't detract from the ambiance and that is elegant and professional.

APG standard duty cash drawers provide all these features and more, as they're built with refined design and feature user-friendly details that improve transaction efficiency. Something your clients can also always rely on with APG is that the brand uses cutting-edge technology to make their cash drawer offerings stand far apart from competitors.

One of the most exciting examples is the APG Stratis Integration System, which works with the BluePRO Bluetooth Device to make a cash drawer even better for mobile environments. Retailers can use a tablet to process transactions through the Bluetooth-connected cash drawer, which is connected to a printer and makes mobile transactions smooth and simple.

Instead of customers having to stand in line to wait to pay, this technology enables sales representatives to go where the customer is and instantly check them out. The standard duty Stratis Integration system also features cable routing to charge peripheral components, plus a tablet holder on top of the cash drawer that can face the client or the merchant.

All APG cash drawers, even small ones like the standard duty Vasario 13 x 13, have been rigorously tested to withstand the most rugged environments. From being dropped to being driven over by a car, APG cash drawers are built to withstand any element, from inclement weather, to accidental mishandlings, to bumps and drops from within a warehouse. They continue working so business never has to stop for your clients and even come with a 2-year warranty to ensure success.

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