Mitel MiVoice Connect: A Communications Solution For Every Department

A fundamentally different approach to business communications.

MiVoice Connect is easy for IT, helps deliver great financial returns, and unifies team communications to improve business performance. It focuses on your customers’ most important assets—their people and their goals—and removes the impediments to free-flowing communications, so the team can focus on relationships, ideas, and growth, instead of just trying to get technology to work. The result is a reliable, flexible, and intuitive communications solution that seamlessly delivers services and applications that work today and adapt gracefully as business needs change in the future.

MiVoice Connect delivers an intuitive user experience, business continuity, and simple management that's easy to use and navigate—eliminating the need for IT. Along with ease of use, training and support can be accessed directly through the UI or Mitel Connect IP phone.

Save BIG through September 2020 with ScanSource and Mitel!

  • MiVoice options:
    • MiVoice Business – Receive 50% off hardware (and virtual) when you upgrade legacy switch equipment and get 25% off the cost of new-user licenses.
    • MiVoice Connect – Receive 70% off hardware (and virtual) when you upgrade legacy switch equipment and get 45% off the cost of new-user licenses.
  • Office 250/400:
    • MiVoice Office 250 - Purchase MiVoice Office 250 and get 25% off HX base kits and 50% off licenses.
    • MiVoice Office 400 - Purchase a MiVoice Office 400 hospitality kit and get 25% off a MiVoice Office 400 expansion kit.
  • Handset:
    • Get one free 6900-series phone for every three you buy of the same model when you purchase a new MiVoice Business system using the Pathway Program.
  • ScanSource:
    • Now through September 2020, let our ScanSource ProServices group help you migrate. Get $3,600 off MSRP on a health check and an additional 20% off of your normal standard discount of 20%, for a total of 40% off list price for your customers' 14.2 to Connect migration.

*Now through September 2020. Learn more about this promotion here!

Talk to your ScanSource sales rep to learn more and to take advantage of these offers today!

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