Communications-Centered Solutions

When it comes to digital transformation and an industry needing to move into the future at an accelerated rate, look no further than healthcare. Today, hospitals struggle to communicate. According to Avaya, the average hospital loses $4 million a year due to poor communications. Likewise, poor communication is responsible for 66 percent of reported medical errors, and nurses spend most of their day doing administrative activities or coordinating care for patients—leaving them only 19 percent of their days to care for patients.

Avaya understands the smart hospital of the future will need to be able to automate and communicate more efficiently at every stage of the patient-care cycle. To address growing industry inefficiencies, Avaya provides hospitals new ways of communicating, such as:

  • Anywhere patient access
  • Omnichannel support
  • Patient data storage and retrieval
  • Skill-based care routing
  • Care-team coordination
  • Integrations into EHR and ERP systems

Avaya wants to provide your healthcare customers with solutions that will drive down cost and improve quality of care for their patients. It's time to look at what Avaya is doing in healthcare, and to see how its portfolio of enterprise solutions can benefit your healthcare partners and help your business grow.

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