Avaya’s not-for-resale program offers Avaya partners the opportunity to purchase products at significantly reduced prices. This enables them to demonstrate Avaya’s solutions, and learn hands-on with the hardware and software. GDPP includes predefined packages configured to include the most important and commonly requested features.

Power Demo

Complete with a fully licensed and functional 500 V2 system, IP Office Power Demo includes a hardware kit and software bundle, allowing you to demonstrate IP Office. Plus, there’s an option for you to purchase a custom-made case, making it easier to bring to your customers! Learn more about Avaya’s Power Demo Kit.

Server Edition/Virtualized

Using your own server, IP Office Server Edition or Virtualized Server allows you to demo a fully functional IP Office for customers, after completing the downloadable software installation and license activation. There is also an option to purchase required hardware from Avaya, if you don’t already have a compatible server. Learn more about Avaya’s Server Edition Program.

Anywhere Demo

Conduct an IP Office demo virtually anywhere! The IP Office Anywhere Demo allows you to run a fully functional demo with just a laptop, through a downloadable software package. Learn more about Anywhere Demo today!

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