Axis P70 Series are enabling analog or digital monitors to connect and display live video streaming

Price Range: $299.00 - $9,980.00
The Axis P7701 Video Decoder provides a simple monitoring solution by enabling analog or digital monitors/projectors to connect to and display live video from Axis network cameras and video encoders. In situations where only live video display is required -- such as with a public view monitor at a store entrance, Axis P7701 offers a more cost-effective solution than using a PC for connecting a monitor. Axis P7701 can also complement a video management system by helping to offload the main server from decoding digital streams simply for display purposes. Axis P7701 can decode full frame rate video streams in H.264 and MPEG-4 in all resolutions up to D1. Motion JPEG can be decoded in all resolutions up to 720p. The video decoder can provide either digital or analog video output. Video from any number of cameras can be shown in sequence.
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    AXIS T8705 VIDEO DECODER - Network Video Decoder for easy display of video from IP cameras on big screens. With the 1080p HDMI output, Ethernet input and compact size, it is very easy to setup and use. It can display the video both as sequence or multimode and with the integrated VAPIX support, it automatically finds Axis cameras on the network for plug-and-play configuration. Call for pricing Details
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    AXIS P7701 VIDEO DECODER 1 CHANNEL, POE, - Full-feature Video Decoder, Digital or Analog Output, Decodes H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG, 1 Channel, Power Over Ethernet Call for pricing Details
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    Bare bone 1 channel video decoder, PCB without any mechanics. Decodes H.264 and MPEG-4 Part 2 in max. D1 resolution at 30/25 (NTSC/PAL) fps and 720p in Motion JPEG. Decodes AAC, G726 and G.711 audio streams in mono. Supports video source sequencing. Power over Ethernet enabled. No power supply. Call for pricing Details
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    P7701 Bare Bone Decoder in 20-pack. Cannot be sold separately as single packs. No power supplies. Call for pricing Details