E3600 Flip-Top Cash Drawers

Price Range: $310.00 - $310.00
APG’s Flip-Top cash drawer sets the standard for retail with superior design, durable steel construction and a resilient powder coat finish. The Flip-Top design has been vigorously tested to endure more than 2 million operations, ensuring it will perform flawlessly for the life of the POS system. Speed & Efficiency The Flip-Top cash drawer is routinely tested to ensure the lid will open rapidly and consistently beyond 80°. Full access to the till reduces check-out associate frustration. Payment transaction times are cut. Service to the customer is improved. Durability The Flip-Top’s tough lid release mechanism stands up to slamming, yet latches firmly under gentle pressure. Check-outs are kept running smoothly, regardless of how associates treat the cash drawer.
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    Flip-Top Cash Drawer (Painted Lid, Black Case, 8 Coin 4-6 Bill Till) Call for pricing Details