ScanSource Professional Internship Program

Interested in a career here at ScanSource?  A great first step is participating in our Professional Internship Program. A ScanSource internship offers a way for students to prepare for their future after college.  Paid internship opportunities are available for undergraduates who are rising seniors in the areas of sales, merchandising, marketing, accounting, finance, legal, or technical support. As a ScanSource Professional Intern, students will receive a dedicated mentor, an opportunity to explore career paths through our Walk-A-Mile program, and a celebration luncheon at the end of the summer - where they will have the opportunity to present to their mentors, managers, and the executive team. Other ScanSource Professional Internship advantages include participation in PULSE Talent Greenville to grow networking ties in the community, and free access to our on-site fitness center. 

The ScanSource Professional Internship provides the ability for students to:

  • Gain practical, hands-on experience  
  • Enhance communication and presentation skills
  • Develop team-building skills
  • Network with others in their field of interest
  • Access potential hiring managers for future full-time employment after graduation
“Getting the opportunity to spend my summer here at ScanSource as a rising senior in college is something very few get the honor of doing. To be one of those few people – to be able to learn the things I learned, meet the people I met, and acquire the kind of truly unique work experience you won’t find in a lot of work locations – those are the things I will take away from ScanSource."

- Stephen Lukridge, 2016 Intern

“The internship at ScanSource was rich with experience. When asked, all of the workers at ScanSource are happy to help and train. The internship gave me real-world application of the material I learned in school."
- Caleb Mowery, 2016 Intern

For more information on the ScanSource Internship Program, contact: Madison Skinner, University Relations Manager, ScanSource, 864.286.4593,

Professional Intern candidates apply through all of the normal steps of any ScanSource candidate, including completing an application and interviewing for the internship during the spring semester. Internship opportunities are primarily available in the summer at the ScanSource headquarters in Greenville, SC - typically from the last week in May through the first week in August. Internship positions also may be available in our other US locations. Please contact Madison Skinner for those opportunities as well.