• Do I Have to Unplug to Find Balance?

    Posted 09/13/2017 by Ashlee Kittel

    In years past, unplugging was a simple, easy to perform action -- grab a cord and yank! We unplugged appliances while on vacation, we unplugged video game systems to troubleshoot and we unplugged curling irons to avoid fire hazards. These days the unplugging ‘movement’ isn’t quite as literal and the ‘cords’ associated with the action are attached to our psyches. Unplugging now refers to a conscious detachment from technology, often through digital detoxes or weekend...


  • Cisco-Addressing The Needs of a Growing Remote Workforce

    Posted 02/24/2017 by Ashlee Dufek

    As organizations embrace the concept of a remote workforce the trend of telecommuting employees continues to grow. Current research shows by 2020, 60 percent of today’s office-bound employees will be working remotely.