• CLUS: A Business Development Guy in an Engineer's World

    Posted 06/19/2018 by Ian Thompson

    Two months ago, I received an email from my boss stating I would be attending Cisco Live in Orlando, FL. I remember the exact moment of receipt and the coinciding excitement and trepidation I felt because Cisco Live is a summit of some of the smartest minds in the world (I guess my boss thinks pretty highly of me!). After reading the bio of the celebrity keynote and theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, I feared I would spend the week as dazed and confused as I was going through Orlando’s ai...


  • Meraki: The Gift that Keeps Giving

    Posted 12/21/2017 by Ian Thompson

    With the holiday season in full swing, there’s one thing we have noticed about our days—they seem shorter and more jam-packed with tasks, follow-ups and obligations than ever.


  • Cyber Threats-The Dark Side of Digital Transformation

    Posted 04/17/2017 by Administrator

    Do you remember when times were simple and security meant locking your doors at night and teaching kids to be weary of strangers on the street? As the analog world has made the nearly 360-degree shift to digital, the question of security has evolved.


  • Digital Transformation, Your Organization and the Customer Experience

    Posted 04/13/2017 by Administrator

    More and more organizations are beginning to view Digital Transformation as a non-negotiable matter of survival. Digital leaders consistently outperform their peers in every industry and a number of small, agile organizations have displaced their larger more-established counterparts making some executives hot under the collar.


  • Cisco Meraki and the Meraki360 Training Program-Less, But Better

    Posted 03/31/2017 by Administrator

    Cloud computing was a once polarizing topic that inspired countless debates in IT circles but has grown to become one of the most important innovations of the last 30 years. Simplifying business processes and giving organizations the ability to store and use information in a secure manner while collaborating without the need for complex systems of equipment and costly software packages is truly revolutionary.


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